TOP10 Basic Instagram Terms in Japanese

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If you started living in Japan and wanted to improve your Japanese level, you might have tried to change your phone’s language to Japanese.


When I went to the U.S., I really wanted to improve my English level, so I actually changed the main language to English on my phone and laptop. It helped me a lot to learn practical English.

Once you open the Instagram, you will see a bunch of words that you are not familiar with.

Here, I prepare the top10 basic Instagram Japanese words.
Most words are Katakana, so you will understand them easily.

  1. インスタグラム = Instagram
  2. フォロー = Follow
  3. フォロワー = Follower
  4. フォロー中 = Following (Followers you are currently following)
  5. 親(した)しい友達(ともだち) = Close Friends
  6. 投稿(とうこう) = Posts
  7. いいね = like
  8. ストーリーズ = Stories
  9. 保存(ほぞん) = Saving
  10. おすすめ = Recommendation


I have 10,000 followers.

Only close friends can see this Instagram Stories.

Because I like the post much on recommendation, I saved it.

I want a lot of likes as I worked hard to make this post.


Most of them are Katakana. So, it’s easy for English speakers to understand them.

Be careful of these three words.


1, 親(した)しい友達(ともだち) = Close Friends

2, 投稿(とうこう) = Posts

3, 保存(ほぞん) = Saving


We don’t say Katakana for these words.



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