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How do you say “I post on social media” in Japanese?

Japanese people don't say "ポストする" to say "I post." On this page, you will learn how native Japanese speakers say "I post."
Social Media Words

What does 既読, きどく, Kidoku mean?

When you send messages to your friends through LINE and get a reply from them, you will see two Kanjis right next to your message. Japanese native speaker explains and shows some example sentences.
Social Media Words

What does バズる(Bazuru) mean??

バズる means "going viral," "suddenly widely spread" in Japanese. You can only use this word for social media. Japanese TikToker "Japan2U" explains and gives a lot of example sentences to make the meaning clear.
Social Media Words

TOP10 Basic Instagram Terms in Japanese

Here, I prepare the top10 basic Instagram terms in Japanese. Most words are Katakana, so you will understand them easily.
Social Media Words

How to Say “Follow Me” in Japanese. Social Media Greetings in Japanese.

"Follow me!" in Japanese is フォローお願(ねが)いします。 Some other examples are in this article.
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How to say “Subscribe to my channel!” in Japanese. Social media greetings in Japanese.

チャンネル登録(とうろく) means "subscribing to the channel."
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