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How do you say “I lost my wallet” in Japanese?

When you visit Japan, you will enjoy Japanese culture, food, and nature. However, losing your wallet or smartphone makes it hard to enjoy the trip. I will show you how to say "I lost ~ " on this page and give some example sentences.
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これなんていうの?”What Do You Call This” in Japanese

When you live in or visit Japan, you’ll find many things you don’t know what to call in Japanese. On this page, I’ll teach you how to say “what do you call in Japanese” and give some example sentences!
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5 Ways Native Japanese Ask “What Did You Say?”

Japanese native speakers speak really fast every time. And sometimes, you will not catch up with what they say. You can pretend to understand what they said, but I recommend asking them "What did you say?" and "Could you say that again?" to improve your Japanese level.
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How to Say “Follow Me” in Japanese. Social Media Greetings in Japanese.

"Follow me!" in Japanese is フォローお願(ねが)いします。 Some other examples are in this article.
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How to say “Subscribe to my channel!” in Japanese. Social media greetings in Japanese.

チャンネル登録(とうろく) means "subscribing to the channel."
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What is the meaning of 株(Kabu) in Japanese? EXAMPLE SENTENCES

When you watch TV news at the end of a day, you would hear a news reporter say, "今日(きょう)の株価(かぶか)は〜".
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What is the meaning of 物価(Bukka) in Japanese?

物価、ぶっか、Bukka、Definition: Commodity price, Prices
Japanese National Events

What is Golden Week in Japan? (2022ver)

Golden Week is the week that has the following four national holidays in Japan. 1. Showa Day、2. Constitution Day、3. Greenery Day、4. Children's Day.
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