How do you Say “I’m surprised” in Japanese like a Native Speaker

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When you are surprised, what do you say?

“Oh my god! I was freaked out!”
“What a surprise!”

There are so many ways to show your surprise.

In Japan, we also have a lot of ways to say, “I’m surprised!”

On this page, you will learn 3ways to say “I’m surprised.” in Japanese with many example sentences.



3 ways to say “I’m surprised” in Japanese like a Native Speaker




ビックリした Bikkurishita

ビックリした means “I was surprised.”

When people are startled, their bodies slightly shaking.

“ビックリ” derives from the onomatopoeic word “びく(っ),” which describes this body shaking.

“ビックリした” is an idiomatic expression used mainly in daily conversation.

Example sentences


A:I was surprised when you suddenly spoke to me.
B:I’m sorry, I just wanted to talk to you.


A:Messi’s goal yesterday was crazy, right?
B:It was really great. I was very surprised.


驚(おどろ)いた Odoroita

“驚(おどろ)いた” can be used in spoken and written language and formal situations.

Example sentences


A:I was surprised to hear that you are leaving next month.
B:There’s only a little time left, I’ll do my best.


A:We are getting married soon.
B:I’m surprised!Congratulations!


A: I was surprised when my son said he was giving up on becoming a soccer player. B: Really? He always said he wanted to be a soccer player, so that’s surprising.

たまげた Tamageta

We do not use this term much today.

Older people often use this word in my opinion.

Example sentences


A:I can’t believe there are so many people here!
B:I’m surprised!


Summary まとめ

1. ビックリした Bikkurishita
2. 驚(おどろ)いた Odoroita
3. たまげた Tamageta


Have you found many different ways to say, “I’m surprised?”



The first two words are frequently used. 

I recommend you remember these two first!!

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