What is the meaning of 株(Kabu) in Japanese? EXAMPLE SENTENCES

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・Meaning :

1, Stock, Share

2,  (One’s) value, Evaluation

3, Variant

When you watch TV news at the end of a day, you would hear a news reporter say, 今日きょう株価かぶかは〜”、and “デルタかぶ感染かんせんひろがっています”. 

株 has several meanings, so people need to guess the meaning from a context.


1, Stock, Share

The most popular meaning of 株 is stock and share. This word is frequently used in business scenes.



To buy Honda’s stock.


He will buy Teslas’s stock.

Often people put  to かぶ, becoming 株価かぶか

means price, so 株価(かぶか)means stock price.



Tesla’s stock price goes up.


2, (One’s) value, evaluation

Like some companies’ stock value goes up, Japanese people use the word stock as someone’s value and evaluation.


Because of his good performance, his evaluation went up.


I raised your evaluation by reporting your excellent performance to the president.


3, Variant

After COVID appears, 変異株へんいかぶ is often heard in TV news and articles. 変異株へんいかぶ means variant, and it’s shortened かぶ.


The delta variant is highly infectious.


Omicron variant is spreading across the world.


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