About us


Hi, everyone! I’m Masa from Japan2u.

On this page, let me introduce myself and about this website.

Who is Masa?

・Native Japanese Speaker
・25 years old
・Born in Japan → Raised in Japan until 12 years old → Studying in Korea (7 years)
→ Studying in the U.S. (5years) → Coming back to Japan
・Started K-pop reaction YouTube channel (@Oh My K-pop) and got 19K subscribers.
・In 2020, Starting Japan2U with Romy.

Japan2U Social Media

・Tiktok (@japan2u) : 260K Followers
・Instagram (@japan_2u) : 21K Followers
・YouTube (@Japan2U) : 1.7K Subscribers

What is the Goal of Japan2U

“Learning Japanese is Fun!!”
I want to hear this phrase from all Japanese learners and lovers.

I spent half of my life in foreign countries.

I understand how hard learning foreign languages is.

When I was 18 years old, I started learning English to study in the U.S.

I spent 5~7 hours studying English every day.

After a year, I went to the United States with some confidence in English,

But, I was faced with the reality that my English was not good enough to converse with native speakers.

I often could not understand what native speakers said, and I just pretended I understood them.

Exactly speaking, I had a certain level of English vocabulary but did not know any slangs that native speakers use every day.

I realized the textbook English is not enough to have a natural conversation with native speakers.

I started learning slang from YouTube and watching TV dramas. It improved my English level, and I could understand what people said little by little.

Small successes gave me confidence, and I started having fun talking with native speakers.

My English is far from native. I still learn English.

But, now, I enjoy studying English and having a conversation with native speakers.

And, I am pretty sure all Japanese learners also have the same problem as me. 

I started Japan2U with Romy for all Japanese learners.

Your textbooks teach basic Japanese grammar and vocabulary but do not teach native expressions and slang.

Native Japanese speak really fast and use slang in daily conversations.

You will have a problem talking with Japanese if you do not know any slang.

To solve this problem, Japan2U is here for you.

Japan2U teaches slang and vocabulary that textbooks do not teach.

The more slang you learn, the more you have fun talking with native speakers. And it gives you confidence.

It’s okay to make a mistake. There is no end to learning foreign languages.

Let’s have fun learning REAL JAPANESE with Japan2U!!

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