How do you say “I’m addicted to ~” in Japanese?

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Hi, everyone!  Masa from Japan2U!

If you think you want to learn Japanese, I guess you have some Japanese culture that you are into.

It could be Anime, Jpop, nature, and people.

I will explain several ways to say “I’m addicted to ~ “ in Japanese on this page.


How do you say “I’m addicted to ~” in Japanese?


夢中(むちゅう)になる means “I’m addicted to ~” or “I’m into ~”

I’m addicted to Anime.

I’m addicted to Japanese culture.

I’m addicted to YOASOBI.



中毒(ちゅうどく) means “addiction.”
You can put the noun in front of 中毒(ちゅうどく).


中毒(ちゅうどく) was originally used for drugs or tobacco. This word sometimes has a negative meaning. You don’t want to use this word in a business situation.


I’m addicted to TikTok.

I can’t stop watching Instagram. Maybe, I’m addicted to it.


A:One Piece is so fun. I watched it all day.
B:Seriously? You got addicted…



ハマる is Japanese slang meaning “I’m into ~.”

This is the most popular way to say “I’m addicted to~ .” Even older people use this word frequently.

He is into baseball.


I’ve been addicted to the smartphone game recently.



A:Hey, I can’t sleep because I got ino Demon Slayer.
B:Oh, you are addicted to it.



I introduced three ways of saying, “I’m addicted to ~.”


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