GENKI Textbook Latest Reviews – Pros and Cons(2023ver)

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Hi, guys! I’m Masa from Japan2U and a Native Japanese Speaker!!

As a Japanese language influencer, I often get asked about the best textbooks for learning Japanese.

Today, I want to introduce you to one of my top recommendations – “GENKI.”

In this article, I’ll give you an ultimate review of “Genki,” including its pros and cons, textbook level, popularity, user’s voice, price, and a summary of the review.



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GENKI Latest Reviews – Pros and Cons(2023ver)



What is GENKI textbook?

“GENKI” is a Japanese language textbook series that was first published in 1999. It is designed for beginning learners of Japanese and covers various aspects of Japanese grammar, vocabulary, and culture.

The series includes two main textbooks, “Genki I” and “Genki II,” as well as workbooks, audio CDs, and an online learning platform. The textbooks are structured around a communicative approach to language learning, which makes it easy to apply your knowledge in real-life situations.

Textbook Level

“Genki” is a beginner-level textbook series, making it perfect for those who are just starting to learn Japanese.

The first book, “Genki I,” covers the basics of the Japanese language, including hiragana, katakana, basic grammar, and essential vocabulary.

The second book, “Genki II,” builds upon the concepts covered in the first book and introduces more advanced grammar and vocabulary.

How Popular is it?

“Genki” is a very popular Japanese language textbook series both in Japan and internationally. In the United States, it is a widely used textbook for Japanese language courses in language schools.

The textbook series has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide according to “the japan times PUBLISHING”

“Genki” is also popular among self-learners of Japanese, as it is widely available for purchase online and in bookstores.

Furthermore, “Genki” has a strong online presence, with a dedicated website that offers additional resources for learners, such as vocabulary lists, quizzes, and video tutorials.

Pros of GENKI textbook

1. Good for Beginners

“Genki” is designed specifically for beginners of the Japanese language. It provides a thorough introduction to the basic grammar, vocabulary, and sentence patterns of the language. The textbook uses a variety of teaching methods, including dialogues, exercises, and cultural notes, to help learners acquire language skills in a fun and engaging way.

2. Comprehensive

“Genki” covers a wide range of topics and language skills, including vocabulary, reading, writing, and listening. It also includes cultural notes and activities that provide learners with insights into Japanese culture and society.

3. Abundant resources

In addition to the textbook itself, “Genki” provides learners with access to a variety of online resources, including audio recordings, vocabulary lists, and supplementary materials. These resources enhance the learning experience and provide learners with additional practice and support.

4. Widely recognized

As mentioned earlier, “Genki” is a widely recognized and respected textbook for learning Japanese. This means that learners who use “Genki” can be confident that they are using a high-quality and effective resource for their language studies.

5. Engaging content

The content of “Genki” is designed to be engaging and interesting to learners. It uses a variety of real-life situations and scenarios to help learners practice their language skills in context.


Did these pros make you feel interested in trying out “Genki”?




Cons of GENKI textbook

1. Limited vocabulary

Some learners may find that “Genki” does not provide enough vocabulary practice or coverage of specialized language needed for specific purposes such as business or technical fields. You might want to have another vocabulary book if you want to memorize a lot of vocabulary.

2. Slow pace

“Genki” is designed for beginners, which means that more advanced learners may find that the pace of the textbook is too slow for their needs. Advanced learners might also find it limited in depth and breadth.

3. Less emphasis on kanji

While “Genki” does include some kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese writing), it does not place a strong emphasis on their use. Some learners may find that this is a disadvantage if they want to become more proficient in reading and writing in Japanese.

4. Need for a teacher or tutor

While “Genki” is designed to be used on one’s own, some learners may find that they need additional support from a teacher or tutor in order to fully understand the language concepts and practice effectively.


Users Reviews

Overall, the feedback from “GENKI” users has been overwhelmingly positive. 


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(From Amazon User Review)
Fantastic book with well-thought content and quality translations. It’ll teach you most stuff that you may need up to JLPT 5.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(From Amazon User Review)

Remember to practice outside of the book. It gives a nice foundation for understanding Japanese.


⭐️⭐️☆☆☆(From Amazon User Review)

It’s an okay book but it’s too hyped
They don’t teach you the kana and they jump really fast to another stage



The price of “Genki” varies depending on the edition, format, and buying workbook together. The third edition of “Genki I” and “Genki II” textbooks cost around $25~60 each.


In summary, “Genki” is an excellent choice for beginners who want to learn Japanese. Its communicative approach, engaging activities, and online learning platform make it an effective and enjoyable tool for language learning. While it may not be suitable for more advanced learners, the benefits of “Genki” are worth considering. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start learning Japanese or improve their skills.


Did these pros make you feel interested in trying out “Genki”?



Start your Japanese language journey on the right foot with “Genki” – the comprehensive and affordable textbook that makes learning fun and easy. Try it today and take your language skills to the next level!!


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